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    Scrubin Uniforms Payroll Deduction Program Benefits:
  Positively impact your employee loyalty and engagement by adding the Scrubin Uniforms Payroll Deduction program to your non-core employee benefits. With Payroll Deduct for your uniform needs, your employees can purchase required uniforms interest-free and pay over time using worry-free payroll deduction.
For employers, advantages include:

• No cost
• Fast, easy implementation
• High perceived value by employees
• Customizable website to  your dress-code
• Professional appearance of staff

Employer FAQs:

Below you’ll find answers to a number of the frequently asked questions about the Scrubin Uniforms Payroll Deduction Program. Don’t see what you want to know? Click here to contact our sales team for more information. They’re happy to answer your questions.

How much does it cost to offer the Payroll Deduct Program to my employees?

There is no cost to employees to offer payroll deduct to your employees. There is also no employer liability for the orders placed by your employees.

If an employee leaves, is the employer responsible for the balance?

No, when an employee is terminated, you simply change their status to inactive and deduct any remaining balance from their final paycheck.

Are all employees eligible to purchase with the Payroll Deduct program?
You are in complete control over who is enrolled in the payroll deduct program.
Is payroll deduction the only payment method?
No. Employees can pay using a major credit card or payroll deduct. In addition, if an employee’s purchase exceeds the amount of available credit, the employee can choose to pay the remaining balance with a major credit card.
How much time is required for setup and ongoing maintenance of the Payroll Deduct Program?

The majority of the set-up is handled by Scrubin Uniforms. Initial implementation will require approximately 2-3 hours of time from your team for implementation discussions and testing. The ongoing commitment after initial set-up is generally less than 30 minutes per payroll period depending on how many orders have been placed.

How do employees order with the Payroll Deduction Program?
Employees can order online through a Scrubin Uniforms website that is specific to your employees. Your unique website can be customized to your specific uniform needs, including specific styles, colors, and even embroidery customization. Each employee will receive a unique login and password to enter the website and a unique PIN number for secure checkout.
How will I be notified an employee has made a purchase?
The administrator or human resources officer maintaining the payroll deduct program will receive a daily report listing any orders that have been placed within the past 24 hours that require approval. Once the orders have been approved, they will be released to our warehouse to be fulfilled and shipped.
How will I be notified of the amount required for deduction from the employee’s paycheck?

A weekly report will be emailed to the administrator or human resources officer maintaining the payroll deduct program.  This report can be easily uploaded into most payroll deduct programs. 

Who sets the number pay cycles and spending limits allowed for each employee?

You will determine over how many pay periods the purchase will be deducted and the desired spending limit during the initial implementation of the program.

How does Scrubin Uniforms collect the amount withheld via payroll deduction?
We will cater payment options to your company’s specific needs. You can either provide a credit card to be billed weekly for the amount withheld or pay by convenient EFT draft from your bank account.